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Pipe features

The hollow wall winding pipe uses polyethylene as the raw material, and it is a product advocated by the state to replace steel with plastic. The pipe has a hollow wall structure and is fused into one, so that it has good impact resistance and pressure resistance. The hollow wall winding pipe has the following excellent characteristics:

Chemical resistance: not corroded by sewage, waste water and chemicals, and not corroded by decaying substances in the soil.

Impact resistance: The pipe wall is of “工” structure, which is impact resistant and high rigid;

Aging resistance: The pipe is a black anti-ultraviolet formula with excellent anti-aging performance.

Light weight: Due to the hollow structure of the tube, the raw material is saved on the premise of maintaining the rigidity. Under the same diameter, the weight per unit length is 1/8 of the weight of the cement pipe. The construction is convenient, no large-scale installation equipment is required, the labor intensity is reduced, and the construction period is shortened.

Good drainage performance: the inner wall of the pipe is smooth, the fluid dynamic friction is small, and the flow rate is fast. The hollow wall winding pipe is selected, and the pipe diameter can be 1-2 pipe grades smaller than that of the reinforced concrete pipe.

Economic performance: The price of pipe raw materials is low, and the construction, management and maintenance costs are low.

Tubing Connections: “Electric Melt Tape” or “Heat Shrink Tape” connection techniques are typically used. The pipes and fittings are fused together, which not only ensures the strength of the connection, but also realizes zero leakage of the pipeline system. “Heat shrinkable tape” connection technology is used in this project.

Scope of application

The hollow wall winding pipe can be widely used in municipal sewage, highway, rainwater drainage, farmland irrigation, and can also be used as buried cable casing. The transportation and loading and unloading of pipes are convenient, the construction is simple and convenient, and the connection and sealing performance are good. It is an ideal substitute for cement pipes, cast iron pipes and glass steel pipes.

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